How to decipher those weird noises made by your washing machine

Sometimes your washing machine may suddenly start making weird noises while washing your clothing. This can be worrying, so you need to find out why it’s happening. Some noises can develop into serious faults, causing costly damage. So you need to know which to ignore and which to treat.

Ariel Weird noises

Most common noises

Trapped coins can make horrendous noises. A little coin is actually a big deal, it can ruin your machine. Drain the machine, tip it back and forth, it might fall into the tub so you can pick it out.

When noises occur draining the water from the machine check the pump for any stuck buttons or hair grips.

Scraping noise when turning the drum by hand? It’s most likely something that’s got past the seal, like a bra wire. Sometimes it can be easy to remove, if not, your repair man will get it next time, just don’t forget to tell him to check.

Rumbling, very noisy spin

Most often, this is caused by drum bearing failure. One way of testing is by spinning the drum by hand. If it’s noisy, the bearings will need replacement.

The second, and easier way of testing is by trying to lift the drum from just behind the top of the door. Usually, the drum should have some movement, but if it moves up and down without resistance, then it’s likely that the bearings have failed.

Very loud noises when turning the drum by hand

If there are loud noises when you turn the drum, it may have split. Otherwise, the spider behind the drum may have broken away, corroded or broken an arm. Again, you’ll need a repair man.

If you've still not found the culprit: don’t risk it, call a repair man. It is better to let a professional handle the job than to experiment. Same stands for detergents: choose Ariel Power Gel.